Saturday, May 14, 2011

Jonathan 2!

News from Jonathan! 5/14/2011

Forgive the delay, I do apologize.

I was able to speak to Jonathan Sunday evening, 5/8/11. Such a TREASURE!

He talked of the ordeal he suffered while in Japan in much detail. It was truly heartbreaking. You can serve, aide, offer relief in anyway possible to those in need in times of ANY disaster. In everyday suffering in our world. Yet to hear the suffering of a loved one, in person...really brings many things into focus.

I asked if I may share his words and this is what he related.............

Jonathan was not harmed by the earthquake, but the Tsunami which followed. He was in a car with 3 other's and was brutally smashed into wreckage by the waves. The car was t-boned, as he called it, literally putting the entire front of the vehicle into the laps of him and his passenger in front. Very sad to say the two friends/colleagues riding in the back seat did not survive. This wreckage is where Jonathan spent 3 days in freezing water, above the waist....waiting for rescue.

The injuries due to the wreck have caused the compression injuries to his legs and feet. One leg was very compromised and damaged to the point where amputation was almost necessary. But, he is healing and will not require this surgery. He has moments of great pain, even with the medication, and has some bad days. Not only is he dealing with his physical injuries, but the memory, friends was all very traumatic. Yet, Jonathan is a strong man. He will come through shining!

Through all of this tragedy, Jonathan is still there. STILL HERE. He's a fighter. He played beautiful music as he always does, sang tunes, talked of friends in our music family. He LAUGHED! It was a wonderful conversation despite all he has been through and all he still faces. He'll be on crutches and a walker for, gosh, I don't know how long. He does have a Physical Therapist coming to the home to get those legs back in shape. But he finds a struggle in day to day activities. Anyone would, as we depend upon our legs to be mobile.

Please send well wishes and keep him close. I hope to speak to him soon and will let you know how he is. Be well all! Music is music, but this is a person many of us know and care for.

Big love!

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